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Dweller List
Those who frequent The Outback, from Q to S.
Check it. Twice.
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Name: Dave Rogers
Sex: Male
Location: beautiful, exotic, Kirksville, MO
School: Truman State University
MajorS: Biology/Psychology/Theatre (Yes, I'm sane):)
Minors: Are you kidding me?? :)
Spirit Animal: Penguin
Claim to Fame: "Well, I only got printed in #35, but it was the first time I sent anything in... It was not a post that got I guess that's my big claim to fame ;) Or something... :)"
Favourite Authors: Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Garth Ennis, Sam Keith, Dean Koontz, Meredith Small, Desmond Morris
Favourite Bands: Blues Traveler, Gov't Mule, Leftover Salmon, Widespread Panic, Train, 19 Wheels, Jackopierce, Pat McGee, Guster, Vertical Horizon, Fool's Progress (Acoustic Junction), They Might be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, Danny Elfman (If any one knows most of these or is into taping/tape trading e-mail me)
Turn ons: Nice eyes...;)
Turn offs: Annoyingly stupid people
Instruments: Trumpet, vocals
Band name: Skameleons :)
Favourite Artists: Sam Keith, Jae Lee, Dave McKean, Dave McKean, Dave McKean, M.C. Escher, Dave McKean :)
"It's my second year of college, I'm a Junior, with 3 majors (Biology/Psychology/Theater (yes, they go together!)):) which means I'll be in school for 5 years. I know none of that goes together, but hey, I'm special;) I always thought (by images I'd have in dreams) that my spirit animal was a panther or dove (re-occuring images) but if I think about it more of Maxx Mythos I'm going to say a Penguin. I had a stuffed one that I always had to sleep with, and got made fun of when I brought it to a sleep-over. My isz may be tiny fat people...I guess representing a lack of self-confidence."

Name: Jacob Ruttle
Sex: Male
Location: Penn State main campus
ICQ #: 4375985

Name: Buffy Sanchez (if you ask nicely, ill give you my real name...)
Nicknames: Pixivixen on irc (#tmbg, #alt.vampyres, #bjork) and SpAnKtReS on aol (eeeew...)
Birthdate: June 11, 1980 (Gemini)
Sex: Female
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
School: Art Institute of Atlanta
Major: Computer Animation
Spirit Animal: Dragonfly
Computer Trademarks: ;D* = )* =*( = )-~
E-mail: now. ill be getting rid of aol soon though, so expect an update.
How The Hell I Ended Up In The Outback: "I met Shaun Struble (aka, Li'l Depressed Boy) in the #tmbg channel on irc about six months ago. We have become really good friends since then, and he finally turned me on to the idea of being on this list like a month ago."
Claim to fame: "i had a pen pal ad published in issue...26, was it? i dunno. I didnt get much response. *shrug*"
Maxx Background: "While in search of something interesting to read one day about five years ago or something, I stole issue #1 at random from a stack of my brother's comic books. Little did i know what i was getting myself into. I had never really enjoyed reading comic books before in my life, but im glad I chose Maxx #1 instead of gen thirteen or something. I became addicted to Maxx immediately, but could never find any other issues in stores around here until the tv series became popular. As soon as i did, i caught up on missed issues and opened a box at the comic store just for Maxx so that i wouldnt miss any other issues. In between issues, i began to collect other Maxx related paraphernalia, including the Clayburn Moore statue and christmas ornament, a poster from the tv series that i found at an art store, an Image comics tee shirt with Maxx on it (along with all the other Image geeks), the card set, of which i am only missing six cards and cannot find anyone who still sells them to complete the set (anyone with tradable doubles should e-mail me immidiately), the action figure (white is), and an extra black is i got from a friend who is in the Mc.Farelane toy club. He is glued to the dashboard of my car and his name is Darth. I still haven't managed to score a tape copy of all the tv episodes, but thats next on the list."
Other comics: "It took me until this past september to actually come to grips with the reality that I would probably not be seeing Maxx again for awhile. It wasnt until then that i really started getting into other comics. I had collected random issues of a few books over the time i was reading Maxx, but it was never the same. First of all, i will never find annother book quite like Maxx, and second of all, its hard to find anything worth reading that can collect frist run prints from the begining, which has always been a requirement of mine in collecting anything. I borrowed all the Sandman graphics from a friend and read those, I collected all the issues of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee which I LOVE, but they are no longer releasing new issues of. I also collected some random issues of bone, Strangers in paradise, and the tick. Havent been able to get into anything quite as much as im into Maxx though."
Favourite Authors: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and Douglas Adams.
Music: "Fave band of all time: THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS. other than that, i like Moxy Fruvous, Soul Coughing, Negativeland, Weezer, The Rentals, david bowie, Tori Amos, and an endless list of industrial/techno/electronica artists."
Movies: "i couldnt pick an all time favorite, but i love The Labrynth, Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy, MST3K, Weird Science, The Breakfast Club, and Better Off Dead just to name a few. If a movie was directed by any of the following, i love that too: Luc Besson, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarrantino, Kevin Smith. Im a movie buff, though. this list is short because i dont want to use up too much more space with this bio."
Other Hobbies: "I love computers, i was a band geek in high school (only female in marching battery), i love my friends, i hate american sports, i love movies, music, art, and literature. I love clubbing and raving, but im not your conventional "lets get fucked up and spend twenty five dollars to go to a techno party that we wont remember in the morning" raver. i catually go to be with friends and hear the music. I am also a CARTOON FINATIC! (Dexters Lab, Johnny Bravo, Cow And Chicken, Powerpuff Girls, Space Ghost [coast to coast and cartoon planet], Gumby, Ranma 1/2, Fushigi Yuugi, and other various american, brittish, and japanese animation.) I was raised a video game goon as well. I love Square Soft role playing games and most other games in which your mind is challanged. I cherish a Playstation, a Nintendo, and a Super Nintendo. I loathe Sega and Nintendo 64. I have only found one PC game to which i have ben able to become addicted, and that is Neverhood."
Aspirations In Life: "i am going to art school for computer animation right now. when im done with that, i may go to georgia state for radio broadcasting at night. I have always dreamed of working for Square Soft, and just recently decided that i would like to work on the staff at Dream Works. I am also good at putting my opinions into words, so i could be an editorialist or a movie critic, too. I love to play vibraphones, and i also sing. i could be in a band. my goal in life is to always be able to have a number of open career choices."
Tidbits For Life: "Its always better to regret something you have done than to regret something you have done." - Orbital
"The only way to be happy is to know you wont be Happy every day" - Mark Mc.Kinney
"Dont expect anything but nasty irritation from anyone you didnt create." - JTHM
"Plutonium can give you greif for thousands of years, but arsenic forever." - Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet

Name: Racheal Scholten
Birthdate: February 20, 1976
Sex: Female
Location: Oklahoma, NE
Web: Racheal's Home Page
ICQ #: 8431985
Spirit Animal: Two African Swallows carrying a coconut (for the time being)
Claim to Fame: "I had a letter printed in the Three Oranges issue, which was also mentioned in the indicia (Pigpoop). Of course, none of my family or friends understand how cool this was for me."
"I am a 22 year old student at the University of Oklahoma majoring in architecture. I have lived in Oklahoma since I was four years old. I'm pretty sure that my isz would look like strange, misshapen Barbie dolls. This is a symbolic thing for me, and has NOTHING to do with the fact that I collect Barbie dolls. It's all a huge coincidence. The Maxx is really the only comic I read. I happened to have seen it on the shelf at my local drugstore one day. They had #1 and #2, and I had never heard of this new company -- "Image". The natural born collector in me had to grab the first issues of this new comic by a new company, and then I got hooked on the story, and then they stopped carrying it and I missed quite a few issues, and then I moved to Norman and am buying it from a comic book store here."

Name: Sean (Captain Plastic)
Sex: Male
Profession: Substitute elementary school teacher
Spirit Animal: "Whatever it may be, it's currently irritated with my inability to link to an activity/goal that is really suited to my personal qualities."
"My goal in reading the Maxx: To laugh, furrow my brow with confusion, brim with empathy, and enjoy artwork that goes from detailed to intuitive from one frame to the next."

Name: William A. Sheible
Sex: Male
Location: Houston, TX
Spirit Animal: Blue Sea Serpent
Outback: 'Atlantis'-like underwater world
Isz: Eyeless Green Guppies
Favourite Story: "Dave, Glorie, Leopard Queen, & Br'er Lapin's mad dash atop the bus/rock to the volcano/underpass, at the end of the first story arc. **KICK ASS** "
"I was first introduced to The Maxx when Image first came into existence. I was then an avid Marvel collector and was anxious to grab anything this new comic company had to offer. I still own 8 copies of Darker Image #1 plus The Maxx #1 Glow-in-the-Dark and **almost** every issue from #1-35. I'm sorry to say I have yet to pick up the Friends of Maxx series. Anyway ... The Maxx is the **only** comic I still collect and I plan to be around for a while."

Name: Sierra
Nicknames: swolf, Pixi
Sex: Female
Born: Vacaville, CA
Home: Kennebunk, ME
Second Home: Bryant College :)
Sign: Gemini, Born June 8th
Favourite Animals: Wolf, Black Panther
Favourite Authors: Dean Koontz, John Saul
Favourite Pastimes: Reading, Computers, Writing, Diablo***, Quake, Magic the Gathering
Favourite Joke: The "String Joke" hidden in the credits on SimCity 2000 (Yes i sat and watch all the credits. They made them sorta amusing).
Fav Pet: Hamsters
Favourite Place (Next 2 College): Moosehead, ME
Favourite Comics: The Maxx, Calvin & Hobbes
Favourite Character: Sara :)
Hero: Sara :)
Additional Thoughts: Do you wanta hear the string Joke...
Additional question: Does anyone want to give/sell me a copy of "The Maxx" cartoon self-taped with nothing missed? :) :) :)

Name: Jennifer Sireci (jenny)
Birthdate: March 9, 1978
Sex: Female
Location: Stunning Lowell, MA
School: The marvelous UMass at Lowell
Major: Unconcentrated business
Spirit Animal: Stingray. Generally of the velvet beanbag variety.
Claim to Fame: Kevin Smith told me that I should be expecting our engagement announcement this year. And Joseph Linsner told me that he wanted to draw me. I was in heaven.
Favourite Writers: Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, David Wohl and Christina Z, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Grant Morrison, Kevin Smith.
Favorite Bands: Stabbing Westward, God Lives Underwater, The Crystal Method, Our Lady Peace, Old School Bosstones, Belly (sniff)
Favourite Other Music: Ashley MacIsaac, Vivaldi, Tchaikovski
Favourite Artists: Michael Turner, Humberto Ramos, Vincent Van Gogh, Joe Benitez, Sam Kieth, Frank Miller, Henri Matisse, Edward Blair Leighton, Joseph Linsner, Steve Dillon, Alex Ross.
Favorite Issue: 18, I think. Hooly issue.

Name: Alex Smiles
Nicknames: maXX09
Sex: Male
Location: Australia

Name: Christine Smith
Nicknames: Loudmouth Femme
Sex: Female (M-F transsexual)
Orientation: "The standard terms fly out the window when gender lines are crossed. Besides, I'm not sure, and not sweating it right now. Bigger fish to fry."
Sign: Aries
Location: Small Town, Puritan New England
Occupation: Special Ed Aide
Web: Sasha Devereaux Presents: A Transsexual Grrl's Page
Spirit Animal: "I realize that they're merely metaphors, but I still don't think that you get to choose your own, so anything I'd put down would be 'favourite animal,' really.... not a spirit guide."
Favourite Character: Ira, Megan, Jimmy, the isz.
Favourite Comics: Action Girl, American Splendor, Crumb, Eisner, Maxx
Favourite Music: Billie Holliday, Aretha Franklin, Duke Ellington, Diz, Miles Davis, John Coltraine, J.J. Johnson.
Favourite Authors: Burroughs, Vonnegut
Favourite Poets: Audre Laurde
Favourite Movies: Wenders, Ma Vie En Rose
Favourite Style of Art: Not any one style, but I like what happened from the end of WWI to maybe the mid-sixties at the latest....
Favourite Artists: Jackson Pollock, the De Koonings, Rauschenberg
Most Scared By: The lack of basic civil rights for transgendered persons.
Most Annoyed By: Glamourized depression.

Name: S. Wray Smith
Sex: Male
Location: Barstow, CA

Name: Christina Staples
Nicknames: Hey you, "that girl who had the purple hair," wierdo, and a few others I won't mention.
Occupation: student
Outback: A nearly barren wasteland that is alive and beautiful on the outside,but progressivly more twisted and hollow the closer you get to the center.
Isz: giant rats that feed on the corpses of the dead and dying.
Spirit Animal: a nearly helpless creature with no identity.
Leopard Queen: bitter, sarcastic, and completly insane. Never allows anyone to get close to her from fear she will be rejected. Lives in the center of the wasteland surrounded by an iron wall she built around herself.
Favorite Maxx Quote: "Shut Up! Stop screwing with my head!"-Sarah
Interests: Canadian comedy such as Kids in the hall, philosophy, ancient civilizations, learning about human perversions, and some things I won't mention here.
Music I like: Radiohead, MM in the good old days, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, And Niel Young (bet you didn't see that one coming) The Beatles, NIN (but only one song), The Lost Highway soundtrack.
Favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, Blade Runner, Brazil, Twin Peaks-fire walk with me, The Lost Highway, American Pop, Blue Velvet, Trainspotting.

Name: Shaun "Li'l Depressed Boy" Struble (Not Mike Leffel)
Nicknames: LDB, Is (while chatting in EFFNET #Maxx on irc)
Birthdate: September 29, 1980
Sex: Male
Location: Middle of Nowhere, Kansas
Spirit Animal: Peekaboo, the one handed, one legged panda
Favourite Issue: "Changes every time I re-read."
Claim to Fame: Got two letters printed in #35.
"To be exact I'm a lil' rag doll, and my mouth is stitched up. Oh and I'm very depressed."

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