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Dweller List
Those who frequent The Outback, from D to F.
Check it. Twice.
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Name: The Dethboy
Sex: Male
Location: Berlin, Connecticut
Web: The Inescapable World of Dethboy
Spirit Animal: Ganarfaflagen
Favourite Issues: #33 (Micky and Dude), #6 (Maxx vs. Mako), #5 (Crappon In a Hat)
Favourite Pez Flavour: Lemon or Cherry

Name: Jono Dodds
Nicknames: starcrunch, murmur, bookman
Sex: Male
Web: The Anti Maxx Foundation and The Spanish Club
Spirit Animal: probably a midget
Introduction to The Maxx: "I was a Maxx fan since day 365*4. I picked up number 35 with that refreshed feeling like I just saw a really good movie. I eventually picked up the rest of the issues and read them in order from 35 to 0. I cried at the beginning. I'm now waiting for issue -1."

Name: Drox
Birthdate: August 22, 1964
Sex: Female
Location: Central Time Zone (when she isn't on Neptune)
Spirit Animal: Weasel
Why a weasel?: "The weasel is the only animal that has ever appeared to me in a (frighteningly) vivid dream. For more weird... the weasel in the dream bit me with its poisonous bite, and I was going to die as a result. Still, by weird dream-logic, I never thought of it as my enemy. The weasel made me think about what the really important things are in my life, and what I would do if I knew I were going to die soon (like, within the year)."
Favourite Character: "Sara(h) is probably the character most like myself. Particularly the earlier Sara(h). The scene of her being set up for embarassment by her (false) friend in #4 was a little too close for comfort. Very moving."

Name: E.
Spirit Animal: "Um... Bigfoot?"
Favourite Comics: Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children, Gregory, Flowers On The Razor Wire, Sandman, Hate
Favourite Music: Ani Difranco, The Residents, Tom Waits, Christ Analogue, Tori Amos, Frank Zappa
Favourite People: Kafka, Lenny Bruce, Henry Rollins, Clive Barker, Salvador Dali, Bill Hicks, Sartre, Jello Biafra, Groucho Marx
"Been a Maxxhead since somewhere around #5."

Name: Tony Elwood
Birthdate: Why would you care?
Sex: As often as possible (male)
Location: Canada (eh)
Spirit Animal: How the hell should I know
Occupation: Trying not to go completely insane!

Name: aaren fiedler/neraa reldeif
Sex: verry male
Location: currently spring texas, but east texas is my own personal back yard.
Occupation: pizza transpertation specalist
E-mail: (at least intell they piss me off)
Favourite saying: "life is a ceaspool, learn how to swim"
Comics i curently read: aria, the victorian, rising stars
Things i like other that the maxx: my wife, my cats, driving, U2, R.E.M, pearl jam, stone temple pilots, cake, talkingheads/david byrne/the heads, foo fighters, marilyn manson, nin, nirvana, offspring, radiohead, violent femmes, teenage mutant ninja turtles, stephen king, fred saberhagen, star trek, louis royo, pocket dragons, video games, art bell radio show, did i mention my wife?
Special tallent: ability to turn anything you say into a sex joke (at least i think its a tallent), and a complete inabaility to spell corectly

Name: Andrew Fiscalini
Nicknames: grendel, Moriachi (while chatting on irc)
Birthdate: January 13, 1976
Sex: Male
Location: nearish to Melbourne, Australia
ICQ #: 4496890
Spirit Animal: Frog
Favourite Bits of Maxx: "Issue #4, where Maxx fights Mako the shark guy; the issues that involve Julie going to the outback herself and speaking with lil' Julie; as well as a number of other scenes and stories. Thats why I like much to like."
More About Me: "Well, I am a Graphic Design student doing my 3rd and final year at Ballarat University in Australia. I've been reading The Maxx since I saw issue #1 on the shelves and have read it ever since. I think I picked up both #1 and #2 at the same time as #2 was the latest issue at the time. Have all the regular issues, as well as Maxx 1/2 and Gen 13/Maxx and Darker Image. I've seen the cartoon as well. Not sure if I have seen all the episodes though. The cartoon was aired here a while back, but about a month ago another episode was aired...I thought this was a 2nd series but it was only on for one night and seemed to recap alot of what had previously happened. So I dont know what's going on with the cartoon."
[Webmaster's Note: The recap episode was between episodes 10 and 11. The first season ended on episode 13, and a second season never materialized. According to Sam, season two of The Maxx is "in limbo". Right now, Sam's working on movies, and still has to get back to the comic!]

Name: Fluffy Centner (trapped in a world he never made)
Nicknames: Everybody has their own pet name for me (ie: fluffadelic, fluffman, fluffer, etc.)
Birthdate: September 22
Sign: Virgo
Sex: Male
Location: Washington DC
Occupation: Head doorman at 9:30 Club and also work at Orpheus Records(A real vinyl record store) also have a recording studio with my best friend Frank aka Albert Strange.
Spirit Animal: Buffalo
Favourite Things: Music, Movies, and Books. Music: Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Faces, Flaming Lips, The Hand, Johnny Society, Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Doors, Me, Sweet, Cheap Trick, Beatles, Beach Boys, The Grifters, Fluf, Clutch, Kiss, Todd Snider, Black Crowes, The Eels, Chris Whitley, Mila, Disappear Fear, Steve Earle, Brad, Radiohead, Grateful Dead, T.Rex, Soundgarden, MC5, Aerosmith, KK Null, Psychic TV, Zappa, Badfinger, FGTH, Pearl Jam, Hendrix, Dogs Damour, Pink Floyd, Prince, Beck and any slide guitarist. Books: Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Sherman Alexie, Terence McKenna, Jerry Rubin, Timothy Leary, Vine Deloria, Abbey Hoffman, Che Guevara, Shel Silverstein, Alistair Crowley, Carlos Castaneda, Ward Churchill, Kurt Vonnegut, William S Burroughs, Ayn Rand, Maurice Sendak, Norman Juster, Roald Dahl.
Favourite Artist(s): Sam Kieth, Mark Rothko, Ralph Steadman, Dali
Favourite Architects: Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright
Favourite Comics: The Maxx, Howard the Duck(Steve Gerber days), Preacher, Destroyer Duck, Transmetropolitan
Favourite Food: Kraft Cheese and Macaroni and a Fresca
Favourite Movies: Natural Born Killers, A Zed and 2 Noughts, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Love and a .45, Wizards, Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains, Altered States, Delicatessen, City of Lost Children, The Doors, Subway, Betty Blue, Vagabond, Pow Wow Highway, Incident at Oglala, The Wall, Where's Papa?, Phantom Tollbooth, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Incident, The Fountainhead, Mad Max, Santa Sangre, Floundering, The Fifth Element, Gregory's Girl, Restless Natives, And almost any movie by the directors listed below.
Favourite Directors: Peter Greenaway, Oliver Stone, Terry Gilliam, Ken Russell, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Coen Bros, Luis Bunuel, Alan Parker, Paul Verhoeven, Bill Forsyth, Ralph Bakshi, Luc Besson.
"If anyone would like to chat about these or would like recommendations on particularly good ones please contact me at the above e-mail address."

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