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Dweller List
Those who frequent The Outback, from G to I.
Check it. Twice.
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Name: Gally Gally Girl (Gally934)
Sex: Female
Location: Buffalo, New York, USA
Spirit Animal: Horse
"Is getting a tattoo of an Is going overboard??"

Name: Brian Ghoti, Proprietor of The Only Nightclub in Tasham
Web: Simple Music
Claim to Fame: Participated in the flame war with Morgan a while back (and won!). Also, had a post to the Outback printed in Maxx #34.

Name: Mikie Graham
Nickname: ash
"i am close to 20 and working on my 2nd year in film school (at the art acadamy sf); i have been intrested and working in the film industry for the past 4 years; i have writen several scripts (including 1 based on your [Sam Kieth's]micky/dude story line, and 1 based on your [Sam's] ira scipt); my ultamate dream is to make a film based on your [Sam's] epacuris saga!!!"

Name: Dave Gruber, Master of the Outback Mailing List
Sex: Male
Location: Rochester Hills, MI, USA
E-mail: djgruber@Oakland.EDU
Web: Dave Gruber's Site

Name: headless artie
Nicknames: headless gone
Birthdate: why do you want to know?
Sign: the jackass
Sex: Male
Occupation: whatever it is im doing at the moment
AIM Screenname: headless artie, or headlessgone
Web: insanity pepper press and headless arties maxx page
Spirit Animal: the one eyed rat that lives in my talks to me you know...
Favourite Character/Issue/Line in Maxx: norbert,5,"ya wanna go to the aquarium? they got squid."
Favourite Comics/Artists/Bands/Songs: frank miller, sam kieth, insane clown posse comic, and anything punk.
Favourite Movies: slc punk, a clockwork orange, pulp fiction, or just about anything done by stanley kubrick.
am i broad minded?: "how do you spell that son?"

Name: Jason Herrick
Sex: Male
Web: Jason's Maxx Page
Spirit Animal: [Unsure as of yet]

Name: Dedi Hubbard
Nicknames: Wabbitt (too many other nicks to list)
Birthdate: March 10, 1980
Sex: Female
Location: Laguna Niguel, CA (between LA and SD)
Web: The Wabbitthole
ICQ #: 5250397
Spirit Animal: Fishy
Favourite Character: "Sara's been my favorite since the animated series and my favorite story is the one where she loses it in the end....classic."
Personal/Misc. Stuff, Pictures: See Web site.
A Few Words:

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