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Dweller List
Those who frequent The Outback, from J to L.
Check it. Twice.
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Name: Jeff
Nicknames: Mr. Gone, "j"
Sex: Male
Location: Illinois, USA
Spirit Animal: A Bear named Jack

Name: Jimbo
Sex: Male
Location: Malaysia
Favourite Issues: #4(Sarah!), #21(by Alan Moore), Friends of Maxx #1-3

Name: Aaron M Jones
Sex: Male
Location: Iowa
Spirit Animal: Big Bird
Favourite Pez Flavour: Strawberry

Name: Jordan
Nicknames: HallOfEyes
Sex: Male
Location: Queens, New York City, NY
Spirit Animal: Cockatiel

Name: Josh
Nicknames: Dial1411
Birthdate: April Fool's Day! Really!
Sex: Male
Spirit Animal: An armadillio named Oshu who likes lemon-flavored anything
Favourite Word: umbrella
What does 'Dial1411' mean?: "Dial 1441 is the secret number you dial on your "touch tone telephone" to get information about almost any demented thing you can think of ! If 1441 doesn't work try 411 or just dial into one of the many wonderful psychic hotlines. I myself and me like to the call them up and ask them were I left my car keys at."

Name: N. Kam
Sex: Male
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Student (School is so pointless, I'm only going to get a diploma from ITT Tech when I'm outta High School)
Web: Nix Maxx Webpage

Name: Brian Keith
Sex: Male
Location: New York City, NY
Spirit Animals: Tortoise and Lion

Name: Brian Kelly
Sex: Male
Spirit Animal: Betta Fish (OK, to be honest, I'm not sure if this is my spirit animal, or even if I have one; but other than maybe a dog, I don't know what it might be. I'm probably confusing favorite pets with spirit animals. Maybe I'll discover my spirit animal later.)
Introduction to The Maxx: "I got into Maxx through the MTV show, and sure wish we could have a 2nd season, whether on MTV or elsewhere. Anyway, I've read 1-35 and Friends of Maxx, and it's been well worth it...though I don't pretend to understand all of it."
Claim to Fame: "Had an e-mail letter printed in #35, which was kinda nice."

Name: John W.Kelley Jr.
Nickname: Strange Doctor Weird
Sex: Male
Spirit Animal: A female Tasmanian Devil named Truganini
Favourite Character: "Sara,of course."
Favourite Story: Issue #4
Favourite Line: "Life is pretty pathetic when even your halucinations lie to you"

Name: Joe Kilmartin
Sex: Male
Description: Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, 6'6"
Location: Canada
Favourite Character: "A toss up between Dave/Maxx and Artie ("You killed my hostage..."). Oh yeah, the Crappon is pretty cool too."

Name: Kimji
Nicknames: Battle Angel Alita
Birthdate: July 4, 1977
Sex: Male
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Web: A Page Called Zero
ICQ #: 7374849
irc Hangouts: DALNET: #ipoh-penang, #Gunnm, SailorMoonPalace, #new-channel
School: Acadia University
Favourite Comic/Manga: The Maxx, Gunnm, SailorMoon
Favourite Musical Performers: Bjork, Sugarcubes, Tori Amos, Portishead, Orbital
"Joined the list in September or October of 1997 with about 7 or 8 others thinking we'd just be trading scanned pics back and forth ;) "

Name: Brian King
Nickname: Atropos_Rex
Sex: Male
Occupation: "College student, about to get a BA in psychology."
Homepage: "Go away! It's not ready yet. Even I don't come here."
Spirit Animal: Brown Fox
My Outback: "The canal that was behind my apartment complex in Oakland when I was growing up, except massively huge, a creek winding infinitely in either directions surrounded by strange deformed trees which serve as shlter to explorers, pirates and fugitives."
My Outback Self: "The great inventor, building incredible machines with which to explore the outback. Since my outback became corrupted, however, he has been building in to himself, using his genious to manipulate his own flesh. Now he is more of a hunter than an explorer."
My Isz: Fish that swim in the air.
How I first saw the Outback: "I saw the MTV show and thought "wow," it wasn't until recently that I learned there was a comic book it was based off of."
Favorite Maxx Quote: "... unfortunately an untalented student or I wouldn't have to keep shooting fools like you."-Mr. Gone
Maxx Quote I Empathize the Most With: "My stomach hurts."- Little Julie
Interests: "Psychology, philosiphy, anthropology (getitng a minor), role playing games, writing fiction, herbalism. I do a lot of web and other computer stuff but it is really more of a means to an end."

Name: Bryan Jay King
Nickname: the sfc (Note: "the sfc" is the first 3 letters from a phrase in The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. It's in the first book, so you'll have to read (or re-read) it to find out what it means. So far only my girlfriend Karyn has managed to do this.)
Sex: Male
Birthdate: February 13, 1977, from: Florence, KY (that's NORTHERN Kentucky.. w/out the accent)
Web: (Note: most likely nothing's there right now)
Spirit Animal: That tin panda on the cover of the Cure single "the 13th"
Introduction to The Maxx: "I figured I should buy something from Image Comics so I picked up Maxx #10 or #11 and loved the symbolism and stuff so I've managed to collect all of the comics (-7), and I have the movie now. I joined the list prolly about 2 or 3 years ago."
Favourite Character: umm.... prolly sara(h)
About Me: "I'm currently at UK majoring in Computer Science and Math. I love to read (mostly classics, fave authors: steinbeck, dostoyevsky) and I play lots of computer games."
Claim to Fame: "I've had 4-5 letters/e-mails printed; all of which recieved answers in the comic. Neat!"

Name: Gwynneth (Gwynn) Alyssa Kirk
Nicknames: Gwynn, Dark_Sidhe, Aitana, Glaistig. . .
Birthdate: December, 1978
Sex: Female
Location: Calgary, Canada
Web: The Gwynnternet
ICQ#: 1011284
Spirit Animal: Gryphon (the bird half resembling a lesser parrot)
Favourite Bits of Maxx: "I have only had access to the movie. . .trying to get my hands on compiled graphic novels. . . and I love Julie's character, her self-reliance and vulnerability, her ability to cut through the crap, and her wonderful little pot belly."
Personal/Misc. Stuff, Pictures: Check out the webpage for such self-indulgent type blathery and imagery ;-}

Name: Krytn2x4b (Named after Kryten 2x4b 523P, the Series 4000 mechanoid from "Red Dwarf")
Sex: Male
Location: Earth
Spirit Animal: Penguin (probably)
Favourite Character: Isz
Favourite Issue: #14 (
Favourite Line: "But something is different, this land isn't mine. My mind has been freed, I'm no longer thinking in......poetry stuff."
Favourite Comics: Bone, Maxx, Scud
Favourite Books: Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy series, Sphere, Red Dwarf series, The Relic, Bazil Broketail series
Favourite TV shows: MST3K, Red Dwarf
Additional Info: "I became a Maxx head after catching it on MTV. And I'll stay a fan until Maxx jumps into another dimension and becomes a janitor.............Oh well, maybe even after that too........"

Name: Aaron Landry
Sex: Male
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Spirit Animal: Bonabo Chimp
Favourite issue: #7 (Shrunken Maxx/Pitt issue)
"Stuff I like 'sides comics: reserve army, drums, irc (find me a lot on Dal net as NotweN - Herc's REAL centaur sidekick and we all know it), and I love Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Found about Maxx from a friend who had the first 5 or so issues and I read them...Since I liked them, I started collecting at number 10 and then the cartoon came on."

Name: Ron Laufer
Birthdate: July 22, 1976
Sex: Male
Location: Pittsburgh
Web: What? Another Pointless Homepage?
Spirit Animal: Elephant
Favourite Character: Dave/Maxx
Favourite Story: Origin of Gone
Claim to Fame: Got a letter printed in issue #27

Name: Tom Lee
Birthdate: September 9, 1968
Sex: Male
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Web: The Maxx's Cardboard Box
Spirit Animal: Hummingbird
Favourite Character: Sara
Favourite Storyline: Sara's story in #4.

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