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Sam Kieth
Selected interviews.
You know what they say about a guy that draws big feet...
A chronological listing of Sam's comic, card, and film work.

Sam speaks about life, The Maxx, and his plans for the future.

Sam Stories available only on the Web.

by Jim McLauchlin
(Originally printed in Wizard #99, November 1999; reproduced by Chris Caughey)

'Maxx' creator Sam Kieth struts back to comics after years of film work with an Image one-shot

He didn't need the money. He didn't need creative control. So why did former Maxx creator Sam Kieth come home to comics after a self-imposed two-year exile?

"I just missed them," says the writer/artist, who returns to comics in December with his new Image Comics one-shot Legs, a book about a boy and his living machine creature. "He's part animal, part machine, and just so cool to draw."

Feeling "burned out" with The Maxx and MTV's successful "Maxx" cartoon, Kieth left comics to persue a film career in Europe. But the idea of Legs kept strutting through his mind. It tells the story of a teenage boy who putts around on a motorized skateboard. One day, the boy--who Kieth says will remain unnamed to help a reader imagine themselves in the story--uncovers a box in an old garage. In the box: Legs, a giant, living engine-creature capable of great speeds. "Legs is last in the line of his race," Kieth explains. "It's amazing how much an engine runs like the human body. If an engine were alive, what would it look like? This is my answer"

The boy treats Legs "like a cross between pet and project," according to Kieth. "He loves it like a dog, but he's also kind of a greasemonkey kid, so he wants to take it apart and tinker with it."

Trouble hits when a group of older teenagers steal Legs. After the boy fights to get Legs back, he has to decide if he should keep Legs. "The kid has always dreamed of speed," Kieth notes. "But this may be too much power."

Since announcing his return, Kieth has already been approached by DC to do a Batman project. "I feel like I should do my own characters," Kieth says. "But I may try it. Why shouldn't I do Batman if I have a good idea?"

Either way, he's proven he has the Legs to make things happen.


Wizard Senior Staff Writer Jim McLauchlin has got legs. And he knows how to use them.


After a self-imposed two-year exile, Sam Kieth is back in comics with Legs, the tale of a young boy and the engine-pet he loves.
Kieth's a graduate of the second Image Comics class of 1992 and fans take to his quirky, dynamic storytelling style.
Kieth's brief fling with film came courtesy of producer Roger Corman, master of the B-movie. After an aborted attempt directing a horror movie that turned into a kickboxing movie (Really!), Kieth finally fulfilled his contract by directing "Don't Let Go," a rock-climbing movie available on video in January 2000.

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