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Sam Kieth
Selected interviews.
You know what they say about a guy that draws big feet...
A chronological listing of Sam's comic, card, and film work.

Sam speaks about life, The Maxx, and his plans for the future.

Sam Stories available only on the Web.

"The Kieths Interview Themselves (Since nobody else will)"
by Sam and Kathy Kieth
(Originally published The Maxx #32, September 1997; reproduced by Chris Caughey)

SAM: Hey--what's goin' on here?!?

KATHY: Well... while I'm typing Maxx Traxx and Head to Head, I thought I might as well type myself into the book.

S: Why now and not before?

K: Aw gee-- it's your book. You thunk it up, you draw it, you write it. I don't wanna just be suckin' off your fame...

S: Horse pucky! You've been with me for almost 20 years--married for 15. You deserve a purple heart for that alone! Besides, Head to Head was your idea in the first place, and you still sort it and type it...

K: And misspell names...

S: You organize all the fan mail for me to read, type Maxx Traxx, proof it when it's ready to print--

K: And misspell names and lose addresses...

S: Help Ronna lay out the schedule for every issue, pay the bills, get on my butt when I'm falling behind--

K: ...daily...

S: And now, since Issue 30, you type my scripts to send to the letterer, and proof 'em when they're done.

K: And misspell names...

S: Get OVER it! People misspell "Kieth" all the time.

K: Yeah-- but now they won't be able to email us if they do! So what else do you have to say about me, now that I'm out of the closet?

S: Well, I think your new title, "Head Gardener," is perfect. You've always thought Maxxheads were wise and witty and well-worth "cultivation". And, on a good day, you take all the sh*t I hand you and compost it into pure gold.

K: Yeah, then the rest of the year we scream and pout like every other couple. Weren't Mickey and Dude about us?

S: Naw--don't look for parallels there...well...not too many...

K: It's true--I did throw away my "Safety Bob" several weeks ago. But as for your crayons...

S: Very funny.

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