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Sam Kieth
Selected interviews.
You know what they say about a guy that draws big feet...
A chronological listing of Sam's comic, card, and film work.

Sam speaks about life, The Maxx, and his plans for the future.

Sam Stories available only on the Web.

"MTV 'Toonumentary' Interview" Transcript
(Originally broadcast as part of an MTV Animation documentary, 1995 (?); transcribed by Chris Caughey)

[Webmaster's Note: This piece is a segment from an MTV documentary special about MTV Animation. It consists of some words from Sam, mixed with clips from "The Maxx" animated series. The following is a transcript. To download an .avi movie of the segment, click here (1:47, 5.7 MB). Thanks to W. Keith Work for capturing this piece for everyone to see!]

Stills from the Kieth .avi [Music fades in]
MTV VOICEOVER GUY: By now, MTV Animation was scouring the Netherworld of underground comics for more strange creatures with a 'rock 'n roll' edge. In "The Maxx," Sam Kieth had created a fantasy that stretched from the inner city to the Outback, and dug deep inside a very twisted mind - and that was just the hero.

SAM: A friend of mine who owns a gallery in New York, Ken Sanselle[?], I got a call from him, and he said there was a guy that was looking for comic books, that uh, that sold [laughter], and that seemed off from the mainstream. And y'know, that's certainly all I've ever done.

[A clip from the show]
JULIE: What are you doing to me?
MR. GONE: Showing you the truth.
JULIE: Stop this! It hurts!

SAM: And we were able to make something using limited styles of animation, and putting some computer-generated stuff at the beginning and the end, people would go, "Wow, that has a really strong beginning, and it ended real strong. I didn't notice that a lot of things didn't move and [?] across the screen."

[Another clip from the show]
JULIE: Hello, City Health and -
MR. GONE: I did it all for you, Julie.. The pain, the sex.. it was all for you!
JULIE: Hello?
MR. GONE: The others cry out for you, Julie Winters. Their screams of agony are the kisses that I place along your neck.

SAM: Your guy with a middle finger for a claw - nobody's gonna - this is it, this is your only chance, with these [MTV] guys. Y'know, try to make it happen here, or - or do your book, y'know? But there was really no other place that would, uh - were disturbed enough to wanna do that, y'know?

[Another clip from the show]
MR. GONE: Get out of this car at once, and finish him!
[Music fades out]

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