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"Overview of the Megan Story"
by Sam Kieth
(Originally posted to the Outback mailing list, September 1998; reformatted by Chris Caughey)

[Webmaster's Note: The Megan story is 4 "issues" long. The first was The Maxx #31; the second was The Maxx #34. The third and fourth issues were never published, but were posted to our list, so the only place on the Web (or otherwise) to find the conclusion of the Megan story is this site (until some loser steals my content - but it was here first).
It's in movie screenplay format, and may someday be made into a live-action film. The "flashback" scene is an extra addition to the events in The Maxx #31. This is a work in progress, and Sam always wants feedback. Have comments? Join the list and let Sam know!]

i just wanted to say a couple people think i'm writing this new stuff INSTEAD of using the two megan issues, 32 & 34 in the screenplay.

not true! :)

i AM using those issues in the movie. but that's the just first half of the script, and with added stuff,(like maybe the bit i posted) and an additional 50 pages i've already written that's enough pages for a full script.

the last 50 pages of the script would have been the the last two megan issues...(now i'm confussed)<g>

here's a complete outline of the whole story:

issue ONE.(25 pgs.)<issue31>
meet megan and gang, fears door, won't grow up. first sees queen...!

TWO-(20 pgs)<issue34>(plus a few added scenes for the movie)
tension builds as countdown to gramps leaving for hospital on friday...2nd queen sighting.


THREE (the next 25 pgs of script)
megan's world falls apart when gramps leaves. tries to speak to queen, but evil door blocks her way. the queen walks out of her life for good.

FOUR (last 25 pages of script)
with queen gone, and gramps too, megan MOVES out of her bedroom, intending to live in crack for good. of course she's caught by librarian, who brings her to gramp's bed where she finally pours her heart out to gramps empty bed. she's too late. but she feels better. SHE heard what she told him.

she comes back and finds the strength to walk through evil door. later, she befriends one of the kids that picked on her, and tells him of rebecca
some closure crap...


this gives you an idea. also i was hoping for gramps to not find out about her liking 40's music, but to always HAVE known. not to just find out right then.

i think this (knowing she listens to old music) makes gramps a little more sophisticated. but giving her the records is (well was supposed to be) his clumsy way of saying he's sorry about the bus, and him being a somewhat cool gramps. i agree the ogre gramps is cool in the beginning, but we gotta give her SOME bonding moment with him...

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